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1951 Ford F-1

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This arrived today. Welly did a pretty nice job on it. Thankfully it's a real 1:18, not 1:19 or 1:21 or anything like that. Now I can display my '04 F-150 next to its ancestor :danbana

Although for some reason when I got it, the driver side hood emblem was installed upside down! I had to pry it off and flip it over. But now the arrow points the wrong way. It seems they goofed up and installed 2 passenger side emblems on my model.

My original plan for this truck was to paint it flat black, and chrome everything else(grill, bumpers, trim, etc.), something like this: http://www.toddfx.com/pics/diecast/51%20ford%20F1.jpg
But after seeing how 'pretty' this looks in silver, i'm having second thoughts. I do hate the tan colored grill insert though. What do you think I should do?

Sorry if the pictures take a bit to load on 56k. I just feel diecast models need larger pictures in order to do them any justice at all :)
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That would be a tough decision to make. . . It looks great the way it is, but I have also seen one of these in dark primer gray with red steelies and chrome trim rings and it looked good that way too. Why not get another one and keep one pristine, fix the other one up the way you want it?
Those pictures look terrific! And I am glad to hear that this truck is to scale too! :cheers
:welcome & Congrats toddfx :cheers
I think it looks great in silver :cheers

I know that my favorite color for this truck is dark green with the cream grille.

A Bit O/T
Yesterday I saw a beat up and rusted out Chevy S-10 that the owner had installed a 51 Ford Grille on it :eek:k
It looked worse than it sounds :giggle
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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