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Hi all... Heres a pic of my GMC Pickup that I bought for $25 and modified for Super Model Car Sunday held in July...

I will post what I did to it as soon as I can get onto my other site and copy my story down!!

The build
This had a whole heap of detailing applied to it as well as a lowering job and a wheel swap to Dubs with the outer edge painted gold... I was going to use these wheels on another custom, but they suited this better than the other 1...

After fully dismantling the model, the first thing I did was paint the roof using a pressure pack in Sparkling Black.

I then applied the gold strip to separate the black and red. This was hard to get straight!!!

I then painted the engine bay silver and parts of the engine in black and silver using paint pens and a silver pressure pack... Im going to pull it all apart again and paint the chassis silver as well.

To dress up the interior I painted the interior white and silver to contrast the dark exterior colours using polycarbonate pressure packs that you would normally use to paint radio controlled car shells with. It didnt work to start with (paint was too cold, and there was too much humidity in the air) until I applied a very thin layer to start with and then building the paint up in thicker layers from there... The light colours work very well at providing contrast and I will be looking to customis more interiors in my future customs.

Then the hard part began!!! with the help of Chups we covered all exterior bits you see Gold with Bare Metal Foil... What a lift this gave the exterior and really set the model off.

In total the whole project cost me $30 to $40... The purchase price was only $25!!!

At the model show in July many people commented on how much classier it looked than the plain old original scheme!!! (im looking for photos of the original atm... will post pics soon)

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Looks nice, Ben!

The two tone paint job is cool. The black roof with white interior makes for a sharp contrast.

Those wheels go very well highlighting that effective squat stance. What is origin of the wheels?

GOOD JOB ! Classic truck!

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The origin of the wheels is DUB... but with painted outer edge in gold... I have used quite a few sets of DUB rims on my models as I bought a heap off a mate who was getting out of diecast customising.

Im about to buy some more off a guy on ebay... about 12 sets in total... and all of different designs.

Since that photo was taken I have raised the back wheels slightly by inserting an axle through the holes I made in the diff to make it fit. The truck now has a bum up nose down stance which really suits it!

I will endeavor to post some new pictures soon... I need some good light and kind weather to do this but!!!

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