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Recently released by Brooklin in 1:43 scale, the recommended retail price in the UK is £50.99
This is a review of a car dating back to 1954 (I'm sure Dennis and Max Power know all about it)

The name Studebaker harks back to the 1850s, when the company produced wagons called Conestoga which were used to carry settlers out West.

Leaping ahead to 1954, Studebaker had by now merged with Packard and major changes were in the pipeline. One of them was the introduction of a utility wagon, the first Studabker post-war in their range.

The new vehicle was produced with 2 doors only, so it couldn't compete with the competition form other manufacturers who offered 4 door versions. It had a 116 inch wheelbase, rear wheel drive with a 6 cylinder 12 valve engine producing 85 bhp and sold for $2,295, in addition to the wagons, sedan delivery models were sold.

The Conestoga name remained in the range until 1956. Its successful, the Pelham, Parkview and Pinehurst, still shared the same 2 door body.

The model shown here is finshed in Vista green, complemented by white walled tyres and cone shaped hub caps. The shutlines on the bonnet and doors are subtle but effective. The plated parts - bumpers, sidetrim, bonnet logo and door handles - are up to the usual Brooklin high standard.

The underside shows a well cast, detailed drivetrain which includes the 2 exhausts. A nice touch is the ribbing effect to the rear loading bed floor, the dashboard lacks detail though, also the door furniture has not been included on the inside.

Overall, this is a nicely finished model, but not a great one, the casting is rated 5 out of 5, but the finish is rated 3 out of 5.
But it will definitely appeal to those collectors who love 'old' American cars.

This review was taken from the 'Model Collector Magazine'

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Love those Studebakers :happy

Brooklins are rather pricey models aren't they?
This would be a nice adition to the Maisto line of 1:18 Studes.
Just think, a Studebaker Nomad :giggle
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