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1959 Corvette Stingray

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Is there 2 versions of this car by Auto Art on the market? I have recently ordered one and I am not sure of what it is.(#71000 in silver) Cheers! John. :cheers
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There is a red and a silver.

Here is the silver...
I guess I didnt explain myself properly.What I meant was there 2 different versions made of the same car by AutoArt in silver.I have seen prices from $24.00 to $80.00 bucks for the #71000 in silver.Cheers! John.
Are you sure? Wern't you looking at maybe the 1:43?
If I'm right the silver one is the original show car and the red is the same car repainted for a movie with E.Presley .
There is supposedly a high detail version of the red car that has a different stock number and goes for a higher price.
Never knew of the E.P. Movie but this is what I know about the 1:1...

In 1956 while Chevrolet was working on the Corvette SS they also had a development chassis running to try out some ideas for the SS.
They even built a crude body for it which was painted white so the car was called "The White Mule"

The "Mule" was even driven in practice at Sebring 1957 by Fangio and Moss who both gave it good marks as a race car.

By April 1957 the AMA ban or racing stopped any further development of the SS Corvette and the Mule was put in stoage.

In late 1957 Bill Mitchell, then VP of Styling bought the Mule from GM for $500.

He had to discard the body that was on it so it would not be recognized as the former GM test car.

Mitchell had GM styling build him a new body and had them fit it to the chassis as well.
The body used was based on the "Q" Corvette project.
When finished the car was painted red.

The car was ready for the 1959 racing season and was campainged in "C" Modified with Dick Thompson and later, John Fitch doing the driving with limited sucess.

For the 1960 season, the car was rebodied with a lighter but otherwise identical new body and painted silver.
It did very well and ended up being the "C" Modifies National Champion.

After that, Mitchell had the car refurbished and had the wrap around windshield installed and drove the car on the street.

The street car is the one that AUTOart released.
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I once saw a Presley moview wif him driving the red 59' Vette

4 got wat it was called though
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