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1964 1/2 Mustang Convertible by MM

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With all this talk about budget cars I decided to finally take out a MM that I bought at WM last week. I got it so I would not come out empty heanded, it was $10 and I have an intention to do a resto-mod out of it (plus I have a thing for Red Mustangs) :giggle .

I know some are going to say: "save your money and buy the P-100 versions" (I already have them), but I must say, releases like this raise the budget bar again.
I feel that the modders are going to have a field day with this one.

For a $10 model here is what you get:

Dead-on scale.
Seatbelts (front seats) with detailed latches.
Real door hinges (no doglegs).
Detailed engine with plug wires and paint detail. Even the coffee-can master cyllinder top is detailed.
Detailed grill, not photo etched but clear plastic w/the honeycomb design on it. (A first in this, I think)
Wire wheels (plastic and the spokes are thick) but nice and centers.
White walls with a corect by-ply patern.
Detailed top boot (the snaps are painted)
Chrome door sill
Door locks (they need to be detailed)
Detailed (paint) Transmission, exhaust, gas tank, sway bar, 3rd member, muffler, suspension, steering parts.
Detailed spare and opening trunk with a simulated gas filler hose.
Working suspension.
The interior bright trim is detailed.
Antenna, wipers and door handles are chrome and well detailed.
It has a generator not an alternator.
The floor has embossed "running Horse" to simulate the floor mats.
It even has a parking brake release handle!

The cons:
The sunshades need to be painted black.
The panel gaps are typical of budget models.
Glove box detail is a sticker.
The "gills" next to the grill are tampos.

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That's pretty nice for just 10 bucks! Thanks for sharing :)
They sure did a lot of things right on that car. :cheers

How does the windshield angle look in person?
I can't tell if it is the car or just the pics tricking my eye :confused
Thanks for the response! :cheers I forgot to add, the windshield has large mounting tabs that can be covered up, plus of course, the headlights have mounting stubs.
It is the same as the Revell ones. I think that it is the photo.
I'd say the shifter knob kind of resembles a 15 lb barbell. :giggle

Just kidding.

This sure reminds me of the '66 I used to have, except I had the center console, and of course the restyled dash. I spent many hours with my hand resting on a shifter knob similar to that!! :cheers
You must have a very big hand :giggle

I think I am going to check this one out, it looks to be very good for the money :cheers
That looks like a helluva lot of diecast for only 10 bucks. Great buy, Al! :nicejob
the model looks great :coolpics
Congrats!! very nice model for 10$...

I want the Percision 100 :cool
Very nice model for $10! :cheers

I may just get one of these, to go along with my P100 :nicejob
Thanks for the Kudos guys! One just sold on eBay for $73 :nutkick but it is in need of some work. :giggle
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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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