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1964 Thunderbolt LE 1/1002

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Just an AMAZING GEM :hot Details everywhere :310 I got #607/1002 :yahoo
Took a few pics :tease

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Nice looking T-bolt. It looks great in black, very sinister. . . :nicejob :nicejob
Ertl did indeed do a good job Johnny :nicejob

Is the glovebox lid easy to open and close?

congrats Johnny! :cheers

The glovebox opens! COOLNESS! :happy

Man I gotta get some of these amaizng American cars... no new American cars for me tho :giggle
Thanks Eddie :cheers Yes it does look SINISTER :scared :giggle
Thanks Jim :cheers
Yes it does :tongue
Looks terrific, Johnny!! Congratulations on this one. :cheers
Thanks Gary :cheers
Yes it does.
You need more MUSCLE CARS :tongue
Thanks Ric :cheers
Congratulations, Johnny - the Thunderbolts are fantastic.
It looks AWESOME in black! :nicejob
You found the pics i see :lol
Thanks Jeff :cheers
My oh my :tongue

Congrats on the new addition :nicejob

I have certainly got to get a street version of this model.

I'm just having a difficult time finding a color I like.

I really like the black.

Question: Are they numbered based on the colors, or does the serial number include all the different colors?
Thanks Darrick :cheers
I think the jet black is sold out, out of the 3 colors White,Maroon & Jet Black.
Dont know if its based on colors or cars, i think its cars :confused just my :mine
If you see a JET BLACK T-blot at a good price, get it.
Congrats Johny!
Another great black car :cheers
Thanks Alon :cheers
Yes another black car :giggle just love black its so EVIL and MEAN :lol
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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