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1965 Corvette

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A cheapo background experiment. Got a scenic poster at Hobby Lobby and a piece of black art board. The subject is a 1965 Corvette by Maisto. . .

Someday I will get a digicam with a macro function. Until then, my pics will always be less than perfect, but feedback is appreciated. . .
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Eddie, if you get the lighting right, your pics will improve a LOT. Ever tried natural light? A clouded sky gives perfect light, and then your photos will not have any of those "flares" (reflections). You can also use sunlight, as long as your model is indirectly iluminated (that's how I have been doing all my latest shots in my bathroom studio).
See Eddie? Natural light makes it a lot easier to photograph models. Whenever you get the chance, try doing it when the sky is clouded or try indirect sunlight. You will get even better results.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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