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1967 Camaro Z-28

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This is my re-worked Yat Ming '67 Camaro Z-28. . .


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The engine compartment alone puts you into the hall of fame! :nicejob

Awesome work, Eddie :cheers
Wow, looks amazing :cool great work :nicejob
wow, the interior and engine look a million times better. Great work.

Tell the truth Eddie....theyre different cars arent they :giggle j/k

Fantastic work , I cant believe how good you made the trim and engine look :cheers
:iagree :iagree :iagree :iagree
Beautiful job!
Outstanding work! The interior alone is worthy of any high end model. Are you using the Faux Suede for the carpetting? Where did you get those seat belts? You should be very proud of yourself. Maybe you should consider doing this as a freelance work and make a bit of money off a hobby you happen to love?

Thanks for sharing those pics. Amazing work. Congratulations. Now, how about a tutorial? :nicejob
Thanks for the compliments. Patty, I did use the fake suede for the carpetting. The seat belts, retractors and buckles where scratch built. A tutorial for the carpeting can be found in the tutorials section. . .
:coolpics That's a good one Eddie! I can see that you took a Yat-Ming, replaced it with an AUTOart and are trying to convice us it's the same model :lol

Seriously, you do incredible work! :cheers
:coolpics Eddie, cool pics..... As always outstanding detailing on the chevy, :iagree You should be in the hall of fame :cheers :cheers Awesome work :yahoo :yahoo :tongue
Simply amazing. :nicejob

Eddie, you have really inspired me to get to work on my Camaros this weekend. Great work :cheers
Very nice work looks 10,000 times better nice touch :coolpics
Eddie, just caught up with this topic, but what beautiful work you've done and what an inspriation to fellow modellers :nicejob :nicejob

You're going to have to change your description to 'from low end to high end' :giggle

Please show some more of your obvious brilliant mods, and of course by now you must realise that you are going to have to do a lot more tutorials
Another stunning job, Eddie! As several people have already said, you'd swear it's a different model.
Amazing transformation!!!!!!

Hall of Fame is right!!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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