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1967 Mustang GT500...

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I have some question about this model for those that have one.

How is it :giggle

I really would like to add this model, but when I look at it in pics, it sometimes comes across as decent model and other times it just....blah :tempted

Any feedback would be welcome :cheers

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Are you talking about the Lane that will be out soon? :feedback
I think the one I saw was an Ertl :confused

I believe Ertl to be the only one to have made the Eleanor. If anyone else has, let me know.
I have several of the Ertls and they are not bad for the money. You have to remember that the mold was made prior to RC2 purchasing Ertl when they where cranking out some decent cars. But you get dog legs, no carpet, no plug wires, and non-opening trunk but they display well on a shelf.
I was at one time buying anything and everything Mustang, but since Lane announced that they were making '67-'68s I have stopped buying the recent Evergreen releases.

I would wait for Lanes if I was only going to have one in my collection. And maybe AUTOart will come thru with the rummored Eleannor.
Thanks for the pictures. I'm interested in the Dark Grey.

I'll check into the Lanes edition. :cheers
Hi darrik..
So far, there isn't any exact model of an "Eleanor" replica! :crying
The Eleanor is based on a: 1967 ford mustang shelby GT500, and it has modified for the movie- "Gone in 60 sec" and become more lovely than it's origion!
The closest model to the Eleanor is the original car, made by ERTL, it's a regular 1967 ford mustang shelby GT500... it's the closest model for an Eleanor cuz it's the basic car and it has similar color-silver with 2 black striped along model...

recently i have ordered this model..and i'm expecting it! still, hoping to see a real Eleanor replica on 1/18 some day!!!
Pics of the model:
1967 Shelby Mustang GT-500 - Limited Edition 1 of 2,500 (Ertl) 1/18

Pics fromDiecastFast

by the way, i know about some hand made Eleanor replicas, but never saw one 4sell..

Hope this info was helping :wink
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That is the one I was saw :tempted

Its close but no cigar. I think I will pass on this one and hope for a more exact replica :WTF
Do you know any way to effect models builder companys to produce certain model ???

I've heard there's many many collectors want Eleanor real 1/18 model, it will sell like 1$ in 99cents :lol im serious..this can be top selling model!

So, help me you guys to make some effecting moves!! :cheers
The one thing I have learned from the diecast biz is that anytime a car is from a movie or a TV show it is very difficult to get the rights to make it.
There are simply way too many people with their hands out to make these cars pay off for the Mfg.
Everyone involved thinks they should be able to get rich from the royalties.
I can't tell you how many cars do not get made for this reason.
I also couldn't say that this is whats holding up this one but it is a distinct possibility.

First off, hold off for the Lane version if you can afford it. The first release is due in this week - 67 GT350, midnight blue w/white stripes, 10 spoke Shelby wheels. This thing is detailed to the extreme. Normal high level of detail as found on recent Lane models, carpeted interior, rotating driveshaft (a first for Lane), etc etc.

As far as Eleanor, the leading inside track I have is for AutoArt doing this model. They can do this model in the detail it deserves to be done in and they'll do an unended production run which means they should be able to recover on their investment - manufacturing costs, licensing fees, etc etc etc. There's no way a company like Lane could feasibly add this car to their lineup and recoup their investment & costs since this model would virtually require an entirely new mold aside from the molds they're using for their standard 67/68 Shelby's.

If the 67's come out this week from Lane, I should have some pics & a review completed by next week. That's my intention anyway.
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Thanks for the info, if you could get some pics that would be great :cheers
Thanks for the info Dave! I have a feeling that I wil go broke with all the new Lane releases.
So, its' been a year or so since we heard the rumors which seemed to point to AUTOart. At that time the "wink wink nod nod" seemed to say it would come at the end of 2004. AUTOart has a number of new Mustangs coming in the next few months. Anyone got anything to add to the rumor mill on Eleanore?
I think we'll only see it next year, at least in the 2nd quarter or after.
LUW said:
I think we'll only see it next year, at least in the 2nd quarter or after.
Considering no "official" announcements have been made yet regarding AutoArt doing the Eleanore car, I would think you're "forecast" is likely on the money.

I'm really curious to see if any announcement of any kind is made at the upcoming Chicago hobby show regarding Eleanore. I'll be truly surprised if not.
They'll probably anounce something, since the buzz before the release of a model always helps sales.
I would really like to see this model made as it sure would make a nice addition.
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