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Got this BADBOI BULLY today :woohoo :yahoo Sc did a great job on the paint,interior & engine :tease Took a few pics :wink

:happy :tease :tongue
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looks amazing model :coolpics
Nice looking Chevelle. In real life, these COPO Yenko Chevelles are rarer than hen's teeth. . . Congrats.
what a great model you have, all good and fancy.
but unfortunatly i'm not too familiar with the model manufacturer 'SC'.
do you have any more details about that manufacturer? like model list, website etc.
ohh and thanks for the detaild pictures! those pics really emphasize the greatness of this model.
She's a real head-turner, Johnny! :cool
Awesome, Johnny! Good to see some more muscle from you
Congrats on the new addition.

I share the same tastes as you :giggle

I saw this model and quickly became hooked on it, I absolutley love that color :tongue

Was this color ever worn on the 1:1?
Nice addition Johnny! Do you have the Camaro of the same color? It would make a nice stable mate.

SC stands for Super Car Collectables. The commission cars from Ertl (and now HW61) on small runs. The own the rights to do 1/18 Yenko cars and make them in limited amounts.
That is a beautiful blue, congrat’s RG on that beast.
You are welcome!
I forgot, they have also made '67 and '68 Yenko Camaros from the Lane molds. They have also made some Ertl LE Cudas that once where HTF and expensive.
They have an exclusive to the HW61 Challengers and Cudas mold that have amaizing detail for the money. Eventualy HW61 will release their own.
The also have a SuperStreet series that is an instant sell out. They are Muscle Cars done in black with Chrome aftermarket wheels and suped-up engine.

Here is a link to their site:
Thanks Nadav :cheers I love the LeMans Blue color :yahoo
Thanks Eddie :cheers
Only 99 COPO YENKO Chevelles where made, and only 35 Yenko Chevelles are known to exist today.
Thanks Oron :cheers
Thanks Speedfiend :cheers Yes she's a beauty.
Thanks John :cheers
Thanks Darrick :cheers
Yes the color is very tempty LeMans Blue :wink
Yes they used this color look here
Thanks Mike :cheers
Thanks Al :cheers No i dont have the Camaro yet :giggle Thanks for the info to help Vintage.
Thanks for the link :cheers

The Lemans Blue GM is using now is much darker so I wasn't sure if that was an orginal color.

I reallylike this shade of Lemans Blue over the current version, but either shade would look good on this beauty.
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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