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Finally, a new Camaro from GMP that isn't blinged out (Street Staklerz line).

Big thumbs up to GMP for this one!


Well the head lights are far too up front, like on the Ertl Camaros, which destroys the typical 69 Camaro "face" for me.
It might not be that apparent for the average diecast collector, but the 69 Camaro is my absolutely favorite car and I've seen several in real life, and this front just doesn't represent it.
I even returned the black Street Fighter cause I couldn't stand the inaccuracy. I only got the Todco Trans Am Camaro left, because on a race car those head lights can be tolerated.
Just pay close attention to the placement of the head lights on a pic of a real camaro like this and you'll probably get what I mean: http://www.firewheelclassics.com/images/Ph...ry/camaro69.jpg
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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