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1972 Vega

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As per Luciano's request, here is a brief review of my ERTL 1972 Vega. First impressions: I think it sets a little too high and the wheels look a little big to me. I could find no flaws in the paint. The head lights have BIG mounting studs behind the lenses. The engine is pretty well detailed. It has heater hoses and even spark plug wires of molded vinyl, but they are too big around. The interior features folding forward front seats. The rear hatch opens, at least it should. You can see the hinges, but I can't get mine to open. Chassis detail is fair. I'll be honest, I bought this car for a spot in my future junk yard. If ERTL wanted to do a Vega, why couldn't they do a Cosworth version?

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Very nice Eddie! It looks just like I remember it from my childhood in East Lansing, MI. :cheers
Thanks for the review, Eddie! :nicejob

This is the first time I've seen a 1:18 Vega. As a matter a fact, I think it's the first 1:18 Vega on DX! :happy

BTW, I moved the topic here. Hope you didn't mind.


I had a Vega in highschool, which I bought for - believe it or not - $200 dollars. :happy

The rear end was smashed up, but it drove well for a while. Poor thing finally went to the junkyard when the motor blew while we were goofing around (doing donuts and other silly stuff) in a deserted parking lot. :giggle
If you needed to move it, that's cool. I never had a Vega, but chased hard after a girl I liked that had a '77. I had a '72 Pinto at the time, but it was NOT stock. I don't know how many colors ERTL makes this model in, but I know there is a chrome version as well as this bluish-purple version.
Not quite the first, Souky. :giggle

Ric's '72 Vega
Heh Ric, your is the same color as mine! Is there some special trick to getting the hatch open?
Nice review, Eddie. I have this model and agree completely. My back hatch does not open either. I believe it was Al that told me that there was a way to get it to open, but I cannot recall exactly what the directions were. Also, the rear seat also folds down as well, though it is hard to get it to so so without the back open. :cheers
I went back and found what Al told me in my origial post regarding the rear hatch (thanks, Al):

If it is an RE, the hatchback is held shut by a small tab. It is easy to make the rear open like a LE.


...the best way is to take it appart (six screws) and you will see the tabs that need to be removed. The RE C5 Ertl Corvettes are the same way.

The main problem that you might encounter is geeting the steering shaft back in place.

I just have not got around to trying yet.
OK, I think I will go dig a hole and shove my head in it now... :lol

Hmmm... After looking at the date of your Vega post, I can see why I made the assumption. :wink
Thanks for that Eddie, I find it refreshing to see 'normal' cars being reviewed
Ken, there is nothing "normal" about a Vega :giggle
They were terrible cars and would rust if there was rain in the forecast.
Me and my friend bought one that had more holes than sheetmetal for $40 and used it as a "community car"
We kept "selling" it back and forth to each other so we could continue to get temporary plates because the car would never would have passed inspection.
We left it parked at a Supermarket as niether of our parents would allow the oil leaking, rust dropping monstrosity in the driveway :giggle

Great review Eddie.
If Ertl ever makes a rust and yellow one I will have to pick it up :giggle
:lol :lol Jeff. That was way too funny. After reading your story I am not surprised why Eddie wants this car to be part of his junkyard diorama.
Jeff, that is about dead on. The Vega was pretty much the first "throw away" car. Now that I think about it, my sister had one for a brief time that leaked oil like yours, it was so bad you could pour it in the top and almost watch it run out the bottom. A guy at my first job out of high school had one. His wife drove up to the warehouse one day in the middle of the summer with the thing overheating big time. He filled up a bucket from the water cooler and ran outside with it , started pouring it in. The block cracked so loud I'm surprised you guys up north didn't here it. Another Vega bites the dust. . .
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