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1977 Indy 500 winner

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The 1977 Indy winner built. owned and driven by A J Foyt. I do believe that this was the last win for an owner driver, let alone and owner, builder, driver!

This Coyote chassis was built in the Foyt shops and was even powered Foyt/Coyote engine wich in reality was the old Ford indy motor but the program had been purchased from Ford by Foyt and he renamed it.
1977 was tha last of A J's 4 wins, he was the first person to win Indy 4 times and doing it in his own car made it even more special.
He lapped every driver except the second place finisher, Tom Sneva.
He was ahead by almost 30 seconds at the finish. I would say ole A J whupped them pretty good :giggle
The model is done by Carousel 1 in 1:18 scale.

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Nice looking Indy car Max!
I like that Jeff :tongue
Do you have many of the Indy cars?
I would guess yes. lol
Very nice model, Jeff. Every time one of those Carousel Indy Cars come up on ebay I hope bidding is light so I have a chance at one.
Thanks stevie :cheers

I have a decent amount of them, in addition to these I have a couple more in another case.
John, some of the cars are going for about $60 retail which is an excellent price for these.
I don't understand why C1 comes out with such high production totals and then drops the price by 50% when they don't sell.
It really pisses a lot of people off.
Including me :giggle
Yes, that's a great price, but by the time I'd pay for shipping, duty, brokerage fees etc., I'd probably be looking at around $100, which is out of my price range.
Nice model, Jeff! This is in my humble opinion the most detailed C1 to date, and even though some people think it is a little awkward looking, I love it. Plus, it's a winner as well! :cheers
Nice model Jeff. I have to admit I have real admiration for drivers that win in their own cars, and sadly I think it's something we won't see in racing's top leagues any more :-(

Jack Brabahm took an F1 world championship in his own car and I think he won the Indy 500 in it too, but I can't see Paul Stoddart or Eddie Jordan jumping in their cars to win any races soon :lol

What a beautiful addition! Congrats, Jeff! :cool :cheers

I've been eyeing this one every since Dr. Jeff posted it up. Thanks to you, I've gone over the edge... :tease

BTW, I LOVE those acrylic display cases. :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob
Guess you do have a few then :giggle
thanks for the pic Jeff :cheers
I also have this model and it's a joy to look at, probably the best effort by C-1 so far. The front nose section on mine is lower on one side than the other, looks like yours is too? The clear plastic side skirting is fairly well done, but would have looked better if they had used thinner gauge material. This completes my set of all four Foyt Indy winners; it taken a l-o-n-g time for C-1 to get around to making them all. I like the rear engine era of Indy cars most of all.
I agree, this is C1's best effort to date.
Not quite sure what you mean about the nose :confused

Like you I have been waiting for this to finish my Foyt set as well. Now if Exoto ever comes out with the Foyt Lemans winner I will be a happy man!

I think I am still a Roadster man :cheers
I dont know much about these early racers but I love learning more about them. This model peaked my interest. My first impressions were WOW! Looks very nice and detailed. Ive had a chance to see some of these models in person and I liked what I saw. :cheers :coolpics
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