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Here it is... my most eagerly awaited model for this year. I managed to get this one locally a few weeks ago after a long search :yahoo

Really satisfied with it, Minichamps did a nice job on it (and apart from those Racing decals) it looks spot on.

I took some good pics today in the sunlight and with a tripod(finally)

Warning.. all pics well over 150KB

Hope you like em :cheers

Edit: See the fourth pic from the second row... what can you see under the racing decal? :lol

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996 and 917 are very nice... particularly the 917, I cannot wait until I get the 917L and 917/20 to complete the set :waiting

I really like the 956L though, it looks great next to the 917K

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Congrat's Bernard :coolpics , also congrats on having the Rothmans on the sides under the racing decals, as I have heard some members did not have them on the sides, lucky mine did, as it does save alot of extra work.


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Thank RR72 :cheers

Yeah I am a bit lucky about the Rothmans decals... but I am not sure about the while custom thing. I will get the decals... but I dont know if I will exchange them... not for now at least
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