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First off...

Mazda 787B
Driver's: Volker Weidler (D)/Johnny Herbert (GB)/Bertrand Gachot (B)
Qualified: 19th
Finished 1st (obviously :lol )


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Mclaren F1 GTR
Driver's: Yannick Dalmas (F)/Masanori Sekiya (J)/J.J. Lehto (SF)
Qualified: 9th (4th in class)
Finished 1st (Well duh :giggle)

This has those front nostral light's, not even the UT 1:18 had those.

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Thanks for posting those close-up pics of the two cars (esp. the 787B). I've long since been curious how the finish is on iXO's version. I still haven't seen Minichamps's 787B close-up. If there's one think that I noticed on many 1:43 wheels, it's that there are often little nicks along the rim. I've got a 2003 Le Mans GT class winning Porsche that's stricken with that problem. That model is made by Minichamps. Their Opel Astra V8 DTMs are like that too. :shipwrecked

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i picked up the Mac aswell this summer when it came out
i'm very happy with it, Ixo did a fine job on it

and oh, the Mazda, that was a lucky victory
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