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1996 Impala SS

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1:18 1996 Impala SS Black
UT Models

The Good
  • A surprisingly accurate replica of a black 1996 Impala SS. I specify black because the dark cherry metallic and dark gray green metallic versions have some issues with the exterior noted below.
  • Correctly reflects all 1996 Impala SS-specific exterior elements - C-pillar shape, emblems, rear deck spoiler, and correct taillight lenses to name a few.
  • Decent amount of detailing on black plastic chassis with the exhaust system set off in silver plastic.
  • Correctly reflects all 1996 Impala SS-specific interior elements - floor shifter, 'SS' logos on front headrests, and 'Impala' emblem in center of rear seat.
  • Detailed center console with legible gear indicator & instrument cluster (decal only), nearly all switches & buttons, climate control knobs, and detailed radio/CD player.
The Bad
  • Large gaps on the doors.
  • Some of the edges are too 'soft' - for example the detail on the rear bumper is just not there (see 1:1 photo).
  • A lot of orange peel.
  • Mirrors are black on the dark cherry metallic & dark gray green metallic versions; they should be body-color.
  • Grilles are body-color on the dark cherry metallic & dark gray green metallic versions; they should be black.
  • Tires are not to scale; they are more accurate on the AutoArt Impala SS 510 Concept.
  • The Impala SS script on rear fenders is almost unnoticeable. I'm not sure how this is accomplished on the model but on the 1:1 they are vinyl (I think) body-color letters attached to the rear fenders. I really don't know how else UT would have done this on the model - maybe body-color photo-etch? - and I'm glad they didn't use stickers!
  • Missing chrome trim around side windows (see 1:1 photo).
  • Air intake is not stock; the baffles are missing (see 3 items called-out in 1:1 photo).
  • The 'carpet' is black; it should be gray.
  • No window controls on front door panels.
  • Interior plastic should be more gray.
Verdict: Go!
  • Considering the age of this model and the amount of correct detail it's quite an amazing model.
  • There are other very minor issues I could point out but what's the point? Overall everything you would expect to see in an Impala SS replica is here and done very, very well.
  • All 3 colors are still available on eBay occasionally for reasonable prices if you hold out long enough.

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The wheels are a little bit off: they're 17" wheels on the 1:1 and work out to about 16.5" on the model.

I also checked the tires themselves (255/50-17) and they're a little small in diameter (27" vs. about 25.875") and width (10" vs. 9") as well.

Finally, looking at the model closer I think they didn't get the wheel arch shape quite right on the model - compare with the 1:1 photo linked in the original post - making the wheels look even a little smaller.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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