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I've always thought that when I bought my Maisto SLK (yellow), I did not need to buy the UT version (bronze/orange)...but I was so wrong…

Part number of UT dealer edt. : B6-600-5227
Part number of Maisto's regular edt. : 31838y

Both cars look good from the exterior, but when you look closely, there are quite some differences between Maisto's regular SLK and UT's AMG…of course there is the AMG pack on UT's, but even if you do not look at that, UT's SLK is so much better detailed….

The AMG upgrade contains the colored side-skirts, the 5-spoke AMG rims, double exhaust and some interior features such as a 5- speed automatic gearbox …

The folding mechanism in both models is similar, but the finishing off on the UT is much better…the trunk is covered with a black plastic as the inside of the lid, while on Maisto's, you look at bare, slightly painted metal…

Maisto's shutlines are not as tight as UT…this is clearly seen at the backside of the car, with the roof closed….

Front : the attachment points of the head - and fog lights are clearly visible on Maisto's and the headlights themselves are too small and too round. On the other hand the Mercedes star on the front grille is too small on UT's SLK…
The windshield wipers are separate on UT and in one piece on Maisto….

Side : coloured side skirts on the AMG version and the word 'Kompressor ' is tampoed on the Maisto, while it is imprinted in metal on UT's
If you look at the position of the seats, you notice that the head support is too high on Maisto's and even reaches above the safety roll bars, while UT has the just at the right position….

Back : Tampo and sticker (third brake light) on Maisto and printed/painted on UT..attachment points on Maisto and again, different size of tail lights….

Engine : there is little more detail on UT's, but the engine hood stays open on Maisto's and not on the UT….

Engine block of a 1:1

Interior : Doors, dashboard and middle console are colored in yellow, roll bars are black (colored on the AMG)…

Wheels : 7-spoke rims on the original 230 with fixed brake disks and the 5-spoke AMG with print and visible callipers on the AMG….and the well known 'melting wheel disease' on the UT

Conclusion : UT Models beats Maisto , a lot more detail and accuracy, the finishing is better and comes close to the 1:1 version..I'm happy I could add this AMG version to my collection and this for only 25 Euro/USD 32

Hope you liked it ... :cheers


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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