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2 Big Trucks, very big

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I took photos of my friend 2 L6600 by minichamps..
He is collecting Mercedes on 1:18...
here are the blue and the yellow post office edition, with more benz's inside

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Oh my hugeeeeeeeeee, very nice as well, you have a lucky friend :happy
Wow, amazng model Doron :tongue

great pics Alon :nicejob
Fantastic shots of those trucks mE. I must say you too are very lucky to be able to play around with those trucks. You must have had truckloads of fun (no pun intended, :giggle) setting up those pictures.
BTW, are those trucks Euro 5 compliant. :giggle Cant be caught on the highway with the precious loads they are carrying.
Beautiful! Ever since I saw pics of Ronan's truck I think this one is gorgeous. Unhappily though it costs a fortune here. If it wasn't so expensive, I would buy one even though I really don't have where to put it, since it's so HUGE!
Great models and :coolpics

As the others have mentioned, those trucks are huge. I'm suprised that they produced it in 1:18. Most trucks and buses are usually not found in larger scales than 1:24.

It really is a huge model!!! I have to say if I found that German PO version at a good price (unlikely!) then I'd be tempted to add it to my blue one as well!!! :cheers
Thank's guys!!
It sure was fun to play with these giants...they are amazing!!
I look at the photos again&again, can't believe i've hold those in my hands :giggle
Thank you Doron for the wonderful experience i get, meeting your diecasts :cheers
I had already seen both L6600 before Doron... :giggle
Good luck with both models. Until end this year, it will come two new versions of the L6600 - a Tank Truck and a normal Truck. And a Trailler should be available to the end of this year. :woohoo
Amazing models Alon - thanks for the pics
The tarpaulin covers really look fantastic....and they are seeriously impressvely hoooge..!!..

But how many could you realistically display around the home....
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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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