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Here i have my first (Of 2) new Mazda RX-8.

Introduced in 2001 as a concept and hiting the market in 2003, the RX-8 was the replacement for the RX-7 coupe which had been in production as the 3rd generation car for nearly a decade.

That was a excellent car but it was a case of built by robots, makerted by fools because when that car was up for sale in 1992, overnight the price of an RX-7 went up by 10 grand, which ment possible customers could have a choice of purchase loads of other coupes including a BMW which a few less hourespower for a lot less cash, sales in britain alone went down from 500 a year down to 25, which ment it was a sales flop.

Like the 7, the 8 has a rotary engine, but unlike the RX-7 its normally asperated. For the Europe the RX-8 comes in two choices of engine, one with 190bhp and another with 230bhp where as in the USA there is a 250bhp engine available (How unfair is that).
Has a 6-Speed manual Gearbox and rear wheel driven, its suspention was tested not on a track, but on normal public roads so its ride would be comfotable, this means limo like comfort, but it isn't so soft that the handling is spoiled, in fact the handling according to the motoring press is near excellent.

Mazda is the only manurfactuer today in continuing to build rotary engine's.
Other's such as NSU (Now VW owned) and Citoren produced rotary engined cars in the 60s and 70s but apart from Mazda everyone else gave up making them since they were notorious for being unrelaible (Tips on the engine rotors would griond down and wear out after time), and were increadbly thirsty, this in a era struck by the great oil crisis wasn't going to work.

Mazda set about cracking the nut of making a allround great rotary engine, they got the reliability problem sorted by fitting hardening the engines rotors but is still has a raging thirst for petrol.
Apparently the RX-8 still has a bad thirst, you may ask the question why have Mazda persisted with the rotary engine?. One reason, smothness.
At any stage of the rev band the rotaty engine is smooth with very little vibrations, and doesn't bog down in any gear.

One thing about the RX-8 that differ's it from its rivals is the fact that it is a 4-door.
It may look like a 2-door but it has a back set of doors that open suiside style (don't let the name put you off, there quite safe really :giggle).
These doors give you access to the rear seats, and they are proper seats that people can actually sit in, and having seen the boot on a 1:1 car, there is more than enough space for the weekly shop.

And one more thing, since this has the only rotary engine and is a 4-door, on the new car market it stands out amongst its rivals such as the Audi's TT (Way to common, i can see 3 from my bedroom window), Chrysler's Crossfire (Which has been getting hugely bad press) and the RX-8's man enemy, Nissan's 350Z, but the RX-8 is the one i would choose, it is very nice to look at, great driving experiance, has individualallity very fast and (Even though it may not matter in the world of coupe's) very practical

About the model.
Tipical AUTOart, which is brilliant.
Exterior is spot on, nice thick red paint all over and AUTOart's fantastic brake disks again evident here, all 4-doors open, rear doors are my favorite part and they lead to a brilliant interoir replication especially its two-tone black/red colour with the standard carpet, also a brillant feature of flip down sun-visors.


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Here is the Special edition "Renesis" livery car

This as a 1:1 car i don't think has ever exisited, i can only imagine was made by AUTOart as a build up to the 787B launch and to look next to it on a shelf, it certainly looks good by itself to me which is why i bought it.

The reason it is in this colour is that is the same colour as the '91 Le-Mans winning 787B but on the side and bonnet it has the name of Mazda's new Rotary engine which is Renesis (Derived from Genesis, the band im not to sure :confused :lol ) and has some BBS alloys which again i do like.
The model itself is limited to 3000Pcs worldwide, mine is No 1506



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This stick is used to get the engine cover off from out and off the engine bay....

...like so.

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Thanks for the write up and pics. :nicejob

Congrats on the new additions too.

I have been on the fence about the street version of this model, but not anymore. I am needing the street version in a light color such as white or yellow.

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A very interesting and imformative write up Deano. I had no idea that the Renesis had a removable engine cover.

You're right about TTs in the UK too. They are nice looking cars, but they are everywhere now.


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Both look great!! I have one in black and you gotta love the red and black seats! Thats a nice comparo. :cheers

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Sort of proof that the real car exists. Albeit slightly different pattern and with different race number. I remember seeing a show car with the same livery before but can't find the pic of it anymore.

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Congrats on the new additions :cheers

I also have the red rx-8 :hot I like the BBS rims of the 787B :tongue

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Great pics and write up. I have the RX-8 in black and love it. One correction: Mazda execs have been adamant that the RX-8 is not the "replacement" for the RX-7. A 4th get RX-7 is supposedly in developement and it's rumored that it may debut at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of this month.

Edit: There will not be a new RX-7 at the Tokyo show, but there will be a 2 door rotary powered concept car called the Senku. More info and pics can be seen at:

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