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2 New additions

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Went to my local shop and picked up 2 new cars :woohoo
first car an AUTOart 2003 C5R Vette #53 :tongue

Second car a Kyosho Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Competizione, OMG i love this red horse :tongue

:tease :yahoo :happy
More Pics in the MotorSport section :tease
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Wow, what a terrific haul! :nicejob
Saaahhhhwheeeet :cheers
Quite the dynamic duo you have there Johnny :nicejob :nicejob
Thanks Luciano :cheers Yep a nice haul :giggle
Thanks Jeff :cheers
Yes a Mean duo i've got here :lol
Thanks Jonson :cheers
Thanks Odin :cheers
Two models I'd absolutely love to have - great purchase, Johnny!
Thanks John :cheers
I love that Daytona! I wish someone would do an affordable version on the one that Dan Gurney and Brock Yates drove in the Cannonball! Congrats on your new additions. . . :eek:k
Thanks cobalt :cheers
Yes! That's the Sunoco blue one, eh?
Nice Duo! Particularly the Corvette... the blue is so well done, never saw that particular colour

Thanks BURN :cheers . Its the latest C5R from AUTOart,everyone been waiting for this beast .
Yes, that's the Sunoco blue one that got a ticket in AZ. for doing 175 in a 70mph zone. Those were the days. . . It's hard to find pictures of that one. . .
It really looks beautiful.

Just thinking..... how many C5R did AUTOart make? including different numbers for same car.
I came across a great pic of it a while back while looking for something else, but I can't remember where
Nice new additions !!! I love this C5R and wish to have one soon !
Congratulations ! :cheers

There are at least 12 C5R (5 for Le Mans, 2 black and grey and 1 yellow Rolex cup, 4 for ALMS including the famous Texas winner...) and there is another one to be released (ALMS).
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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