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Received these two cars today. Made by Kyosho, dealer edition of the S211 (2002) estate wagon (break). Each car for 95,00 Euro...(USD 116)..
There are 2 different "high" end models, only different in color. Back doors are sealed. Trunk and engine cover opens ....

These are both great looking model, with a nice chrome trimming on the outside of the car and the front, no flaws in the paint. Shutlines could be little better, but are ok. The front and rear light are well done and realistic.

B6 696 2187 Travertin beige metallic
B6 696 2188 Cubanit silver metallic

some pictures (sorry for the bad quality...they were taken in a hurry)... :

Travertin beige metallic (champagne) :

Cubanit silver metallic :

Details are taken on the silver car (both are identical) :

The interior is very detailed, carpet on the floor and real leather seats...wood trimmed (paint) dashboard and doors (dogleg hinges). Detailed central console.The dashboard is the same as in the regular E320. There is little engine detail( no wires or so).

The trunk of the car can be converted into an additional row of seats, looking to the back window of the car....To do this you need a pin (plastic) that comes with the car. There are two small holes in the bottom (underside of the car). This way two parts of the extra seat can be pushed up in the trunk (see pictures)..The additional seat row is in plastic...

Another additional feature of the car is the working sunroof. A (plastic) cover can be shoved away from the inside of the car, so you have a clear view through the sunroof. This roof can be pushed up, to let the air circulate in the car.
Both the sunroof and the extra seats are not available in the regular car.

The last big difference are the wheels..the high end car has multi spoke rims , a different wheel pattern and broader tire surface...

Other small differences : tampo's and plastic star on the regular version and photo-etched star on the high end..

This is a quick review due to lack of time...I will try to update this when I'm back from holidays.....

Thanks to Boedan for providing me the right part numbers so I could order these cars at my dealer. :cheers

Congrats on picking up some really unique models! :cheers The high-end dealer editions look great with the leather and all, I guess its now time to pick up the CLK dealer edition?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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