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Here's my alternative holy grail #3 but since the Alex Job got here first... :giggle

Anyway, this particular Porker was a highly anticipated model for me, but unfortunately, it arrived with some faults that no one wanted to take responsibility for. (the retailer, the shipper, and factory) :ranting

It still looks decent. :cool

This car went on to win its class (GT) in the 2002 24 Hours of Daytona. It was driven by the great line-up of Kevin Buckler (team owner), Timo Bernhard (Porsche factory driver), Jorg Bergmeister (Porsche factory driver) and Michael Schrom, who I sadly know nothing about. Please feel free to add any info if possible.

I did a lil detailing. Can you find it? :giggle

Thanks for looking. :cheers

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Thanks guys!

Chris - Bad camber on one of the wheels causing the car to roll on three and lose exhaust pipes.

Luciano - Glad you can now see the pics. Scared me a bit. :giggle

Sir Gary - Damn you're good!
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