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2004 LM Audi Winner in 1:18

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This looks really cool! Someone in France made 50 custom cars off Maisto's R8 body. If it weren't for the price, I'd grab one.

eBay link
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Holy molly! The job looks really well done, but that price just kills it.

I wish Maisto would do more R8 liveries...
Pretty sweet. I would love a Champion Racing R8 though. :cool

Or build you own!

Whoa, that looks really good! :tongue

Does anybody know if Maisto's done doing more R8 liveries?

:iagree Hows about a Gulf racing R8??
Not that I've read of. That could be such a cash cow!! I bet there's a licencing issue that's preventing Maisto from going ahead. Someone should go e-mail them to see what the story is.
Just e-mailed them :cheers, although I don't seem to have good luck with them answering me :giggle
That looks great but you'd have to really, really, really like it to hand over that kind of money and I don't. :giggle

A couple of years back, there was a small UK company that modded Maisto's R8s to look like the Gulf R8 and it was rather nicely done. It was on the pricy side but not as much as this LM 2004 winner. :cheers
IXO is going to release the Audi R8 Le Mans 2004 probably this month but in 1/43 .
1:43s saves the day. Too bad I can't just add a little water and grow the 1:43 to 1:18 size. :giggle
Not to long before the finish, I think 3 hours, the winning Audi caught fire at there pits stop. A bit of fuel reached the hot parts of the car. The driver got out fast, they put out the fire in seconds and away they went. I was hanging above with my camera on tribune 34 right above the pits.

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Awesome picture Peter! :cheers
:iagree What an awesome place to be perched to take pictures peter! Just out of curiosity, what exactly is a "tribune"?

If you don't mind me asking, how much money did it cost for you to have access to the tribune area for taking photographs?

:feedback Thanks in advance
:iagree that is a superb photo, thanks for sharing that.

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