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I was hoping that someone had the part numbers so that I could order mine.
Maybe someone in the fb group would have them? Did you decide on the color already?
I'm so doubtful if I should have it...
[/quote]LOL!!! With almost ALL of my iScale.. BLACK as the other silver or greys never match panels(okay, my E-Klasse wagon matches fine in silver..but that's rare)..but I would love a GREY one "if" the color would match over the entire model.
I knew it! xD Is this the selenit gray shown above as the latest Norev pre-fl release? It looks blueish to me. I have a rule in my S-class collection: never two of the same color. Regarding that Maybach is always black and my regular S is gray as mentioned, I should maybe wait for hobby release. :D Sorry for off topic!
1 - 5 of 65 Posts