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2017 Model of the Year - Classic and Vintage Car - BUDGET

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2017 Model of the Year - Classic and Vintage Car - BUDGET. This is for models which cost under $100 / €100 and for prices that the dealership would charge, not what a re-seller charges.

The rules:
  • Each model must match the category it is entered. It is not my responsibility or the mods to figure that out for you.
  • Every nomination will be accompanied by one (1) non-copyrighted image of the model. Pictures from manufacturers are OK, but not retailers/outside seller/outside sites. You your own pictures or another members if they are OK with that
  • Maximum picture size will be 1024 X 768
  • Each model must be released in the year 2017..........not December 30th 2016 or on its way to retailers on the 31st of December 2017. It must be released and available to the public within the 2017 year.
  • Only original releases allowed. This means no repaints, re-releases, upgraded, or any other modification. Spoilers and stripes do not make it a new model
  • There will be a budget Classes and high-end Classes nomination thread for each; this is for the retail price, not a special deal you got through a seller or manufacturer, don't try and sneak a CMC Maserati in the budget category
  • Each category must have at least five (5) nominations or I will start a voting thread.
  • Any nominations that does not follow the previously mentioned rules will not partake in the voting
The most important rule
  • Enjoy and please participate. This is what will make this event a lot of fun. And keep all discussion about the models, not tastes. We all have our favorites marques, but this is about the best model, not car.
Thank you all for reading & hopefully this year we can beat last years participation
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