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2018 - 2023 CMC News

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Please post all news there, thanks.
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A working rooftop (fabric) was always something I wanted in a 1/18 scale car. I prefer the hardtop, but will have to wait to see the Landaulet version now. Also have to see the pricetag.
There are at least two existing 1:18 models with working soft top.
Maisto 3 series Cabrio
Kyosho clk Cabrio dealer edition.

Anyone knows more?
There are at least two existing 1:18 models with working soft top.
Maisto 3 series Cabrio
Kyosho clk Cabrio dealer edition.

Anyone knows more?
Well, Alfa 6C from CMC actually has a working soft top. It is ugly but it is working.

Are you sure? Not according to this review.
Does anyone know if the 275 GTB is long nose or short nose? Two cam or four cam?
More information about the real Ferrari the CMC is based on.
"CMC had the rare opportunity to document in detail the GTB/C #09015 in its original condition. The car is the second Competizione produced from series II and one of the last GT class cars built by the racing department at Maranello...... A limited edition will be offered of Chassis #09015 as this car was used by NART to race with starting number #26 in Le Mans 1966 and with Biscaldi and de Bourbon at the wheel. A standard edition of the 275 GTB/C will be based on Chassis #09067 with a red finish and a black interior. CMC may also consider offering a few more limited editions."
New picture from there facebook:

"Here is the new PROTOTYPE/SAMPLE �� from the#MercedesBenz 600 Pullman Typ W100, here with the sunroof version.
You can see some improvements since the very first sample we showed you at the #NurembergToyFair in February."

At least they have removed the screws at the headlights. (picture below is from the Nuremberg toy fair.)

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Seeing the AUTOart Pullman going for >650 euro. I would really take the CMC for 750 euro. I'm pretty sure the final result will be good. And personally I think this model is much more desired than the C type, Talbot, or most of their race cars.

I predict that the Pullman and the Ferrari 275 will be the most desired CMC models in the coming two years. (before they re-release the Fiat Transporter and the McLaren SLR someday...

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If I'm not mistaken, this is still a sample
Indeed this is still a sample, and the CMC people have stated many times on fb that there will be improvements.
But I have to say that we have seen better samples from CMC. Especially the sample 250 California from years ago which actually had a more accurate front window angle than the production version (too straight).
The real Pullman with red interior CMC was taking pictures of:

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Finally some news about CMC.

They are preparing to make the BMW 328 and Porsche 904 at the moment, according to a Chinese forum.
According to their Facebook, the Pullman will be released before Christmas this year.
It is expensive. But given the 400 euro MRSP 250 GTO has inflated now to 700 euro. I think this Pullman will also increase once it's out of stock.
Also the AUTOart Pullman is now around 700 euro.
700 euro.
I would take this over the AUTOart any time.
Since the AUTOart also goes for 600-700 Euro nowadays.
Do you guys prefer
- without sun roof
- with sun roof
- Landaulet
Sunroof version:

The black color is apparently only for this sample. The mass production version should be dark blue.

The black Pullman is released today in China.
Very detailed video by CMC themselves on Youtube. They even show the manufacturing.


Overall it looks good and the detail is amazing as expected from them. But the price is still quite high in my opinion (especially for people outisde Europe and US).
Great video!
But I think the price is the highest in Europe. Prices in the US, Japan, China are significantly lower than that in Europe.
Would like to see a pdf of that :)
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