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2018 - 2023 CMC News

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Please post all news there, thanks.
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The first batch of Pullman in China suffers from wrong assembly of the grill and the second batch of Pullman in China also has this problem + lack of springs at the opening mechanism in the hood.
Let's see how the overseas Pullmans will be.

The first batch to Europe was largely destroyed in a truck accident according to rumors.
I can understand the frustration about the decreased quality control.

On the hand, even with all these issues and the increased price, I still think that this 650 euro Pullman is more worth buying than the 500+ euro AUTOart version.

I think in a few years time, this CMC Pullman will reach 1000 euro.
So, as I expected there will e quite a bit of versions of pullman. Including Elvis and Hilton Family (Red Baron).

For more info go to FF's website, scroll a bit down and you will see the whole list :D
I don't know what the FF website is. Please post the info on here.

This one, which was underneath the picture:

Also on the list you can find various versions of the Ferrari 275 GTB/C, including a gold plated body version.
Could someone copy and paste the list here? Can't access it because I'd need the app. Thanks!
You should see the list on PC.
There will be a 1:18 black prince. The 1:24 high end market is dead.
For me the kill over all kills is, no black pullman in all versions. As much as I like red and blue, and dislike black, only good color on big Mercedes is black.
The black one is currently the only one released :)

I do agree that CMC should consider black for all the versions, i.e. also for the one with opening roof panel and the landaulet.
1:18 Alfa Romeo P3

To be released in 2021 according to the CMC Facebook.
I'm looking forward to the red 275gtb, as I like all my Ferrari models to have the same color, also looking forward for it to join my CMC line of red 250 GTB SWB, Testa rossa, California and GTO.
Yes, regarding the 250 GTO, I think the current value from high to low is:

Essen midnight blue, #19, red, blue, silver, yellow, #172, #86.

Why #19 is so much appreciated is because, it's a Le mans class winner, it's limited edition, and it's mainly red.

Why the other two livery version are not so much appreciated is because they have less impressive race history, and the brown one is just an ugly color for most people.

Usually the non livery ones are more desired than livery ones. See 250 TR and 250 GTB SWB for which red is the most desired one. #19 GTO is the only exemption for the reasons above.
So let's hoard a lot of 275 GTB when they are released later this year
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I think the inflation rate/desirability of the 4 CMC 250's are:

250 GTO > 250 California > 250 GTB SW > 250 Testa rossa.

I guess the 275 will be similar to the GTB SW.
The third batch of the black Pullman is hitting the Chinese market now.

1st batch: with springs connected to the engine bonnet, only a few hundreds are made, with the most QC problems
2nd batch: without springs
3rd batch: without springs, improved QC according to the Chinese collectors.
Are there any news when will they come to US or Europe?
They are already in Europe. Saw them at a couple of online shops. They should arrive soon as per CMC USA.
Has any one on the groups actually got one?
I'd be interested in the quality of door fit and shut lines (black saloon version).

I have a model from the first batch (i.e. with springs). There are indeed some small issues like my fender chrome part is scratched a bit.

But overall, I'm quite happy to have this model. The price is about the same as the inflated AUTOart Pullman price, but you get many more details.

In my opinion, the CMC Pullman is in the same category as the CMC 250 California and 250 GTO, namely much criticized at the release, but the price will double in a few years.

Remember the California was criticized for having a front screen too perpendicular and the GTO for being based on a weird 1:1.

I'm not a speculator (otherwise I would have bought 10 Pullman's now) but I would be not happy to get the Pullman in a few years time for 1200+ euro.
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The third batch of the black Pullman is hitting the Chinese market now.

1st batch: with springs connected to the engine bonnet, only a few hundreds are made, with the most QC problems
2nd batch: without springs
3rd batch: without springs, improved QC according to the Chinese collectors.
ferrariforever, is there a way to tell the second and third batch apart?
I just saw a video of an unboxing on youtuve with a model without the springs on the engine hood and he had a broken trunk hinge. The metal trunk hinge broke!
For the prices these are going I really dont want to have something like that happening.

That's a good question. I'm not sure. The first and second batches should be sold out, but maybe some stores might have leftovers.

There is one more item that might need attention.
The first batch has the front grill mounted incorrectly. That is, the vertical part of the engine bonnet is not flush with the Mercedes logo (not the emblem sticking out of the bonnet but the logo lying flat on the bonnet), but sticking out a bit. The reason for this mismatch seems to be that CMC has installed the grill in the wrong sequence.

I'm not sure whether the second batch or/and the third batch has corrected this.
My feeling is that the Pullmans will become 1000+ USD in the near future when they are long sold out. With or without discount at the moment, just get one asap :)
Here in Europe, the AUTOart Pullman is still fetching 600+ euro...
Cool, finally some news from CMC. Still waiting for their 275 GTB
I wouldn't compare a sealed BBR with a fully opening CMC.
I predict CMC would have zero trouble selling their 275's. Every single CMC Ferrari street car has been heavily sought after. The 275 wouldn't be different.
Beauty wise I think it's behind the California and the GTO, but before the GT SWB. Price wise that's also what I think it will be in the long term.
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