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2019 - 2023 Norev News

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Please post all news here.
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Yep, UT did them (ancient now though!) OttO have done it, and Minichamps too. Now this one !

That is the first actual picture of it that I've seen. But if the licence plate and door mirrors are anything to go by, it's not a 1992 car.
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It looks nice. Much nicer than their Escort RS Cosworth!
That's ok, the Solido's go for crazy money now!
A front picture of their long awaited Ford Escort RS Cosworth. Like I said it has the wrong door mirrors on it for a 1992 car.

They should be the larger older style,

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Some actual pics from a seller on ebay. It looks so cheap! The paint job is bad too, and it's several different shades!

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187440 - Porsche 904 GTS 1964 Silver 1/18

184812 - Peugeot 208 GTi 2013 Perla Nera Black 1/18

188310 - Audi e-tron 2019 White metallic 1/18
Porsche Cayenne S Coupe Sport Paket Dolomitsilber WAP0213220K

NEW LISTINGPorsche Cayenne S Coupe Sport Package DOLOMITE SILVER Norev 1:18 WAP0213220K
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Blue's out now. The seller says it's a UK exclusive. A LE of 1002 numbered pieces.

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Yep. It's a UK exclusive :)
They're all 1/18. Yep, the pics are crap and some are of real cars. I guess we'll have to wait for release pictures to see how good they are.
It should be Highland Green.
Peugeot 309 GTI 1991 Goodwood Green

Peugeot 309 GTI 1987 Grey Metallic

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Volkswagen Golf GTI 1990 Red

Volkswagen Golf VR6 1996 Green Metallic

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Wikipedia says,

The Goodwood, Limited Edition for the United Kingdom was a GTI with full black leather interior as standard, and no cost optional wooden steering wheel, gearknob and CD Autochanger.
Yep, it's wrong!

The Twingo is quite cheap, circa £44 but it doesn't look good!
The SWB quattro looks nice, never seen a Black one before though. If they do Red one I might get one.
The 911 Targa is quite nice, I've got the Orange one and think it's worth the price.

The Steve McQueen Porsche 911 is missing the chrome trim round the wheel arches, I'm not into it, but it should be there.
Yeah Twingo's were cheap, we didn't get that one in the UK.

Ah cool, I didn't know that about the Black SWB car.

Otto Mobile have made quite a few SWB quattro rally cars. I've got all of them apart from two :)
I saw a Maybach S650 on eBay earlier from China, I didn't realise they were making one. It opens too.
They have/had a cabriolet one for a while:


Is it this one or a new version?
Not that one, that car's been out for a while. I've put the item number of the new one in my last post :)
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