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2022 Ottomobile News

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Advertised recently and available right away, Citroen CX Ambulance.

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Available right away, or discounted right away? :D It’s not one for me.
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Same here!

I noticed yesterday though that a few of their models I'd have expected to have sold out are available to buy in their shop. This one will probably be there soon too.
If they had released the DS-based ambulance in 10,000 copies, it would have sold out in ten seconds, just with the French public, as this car has marked generations and has been seen in countless French films. The CX, on the other hand...:cautious:
I don't know how many on here watched the three stooges Top Gear era, but they did a segment on the decline in Peugeot cars.
To me this - and most others - released in 2022 fall into the same eccentric category of subjects that are a disappointment.
I used to look forward to what was coming for the following months, and with GTS - I don't even try to find out.
The metal Solido part of the organisation is much more exciting these days.....
461 - 465 of 465 Posts