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Get this, believe it or not i bought an Enzo in the UK for £500, yes i know, £500. That must be some $900 or something. Anyway, I was willing to pay the premium because it was for sale in my home country and believe me theres a difference between model suppliers in America and Germany from those in UK, UK is pretty scarce for this type. Anyway, got 9 1/12ths so was dying for the 'best model'. It arrived and i kind of realised it was not as it should have been. The tailgate flopped around and no, i didnt snap the hinges, the bonnet protuded about 3mm from the front, seemed to be a bit warped. The licence plate was snapped off and so was some brake duct or something. When the first one arrived, it wasnt screwed to the base under the ploystyrene therefore i thought someones been at this one, its probably a return and is being passed on to me. No Chance.

Anyway, told the supplier and the second one has just arrived. The front left suspension has collapsed therefore it sits at all sorts of funny angles. The hinges for the tailgate on this one are in fact snapped so it gets even worse. Also one of the tailgate rods was snapped as well as the two magnets under the tailgate coming away and sticking to the top of the rear wheelarches.

Do you know that the supplier replied that he doesnt need to replace it and didnt even need to replace the 1st one, also that a refund is out of the question. I mean, what is going on here? He is taking it back anyway however i need to wait at least a month til more come in then i'm having to drive 300 miles to physically check it myself so we're both happy. I'm really not fussed, all i want is a model thats right.

My point is Tamiya, get a life and use your heads eh? Dont make people waste their money on something that could have been so good.......also that I'm glad i did buy it from my home country for obvious reasons, its easy to knock on someones door.


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Matthew, it's a shame you have had such a problem :cry
If the next model is not right, why not threaten the supplier with the Trading Standards Authority, after all the first lot of models were obviously not fit for the 'purpose' they were sold for (shoppers right and all that!)
Hope you have better luck next time

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