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First is the Citoren C2 GT JWRC, which is a nice car to look at and has a nice stance and the interior is as well but engine is very limited in detail since it is so small.

Vince: Nice inside, proper racing stuff, i can see myself winning many JWRC Rallies in this.

Sid: Ill be you Co-Driver then.
Vince: You, Ha I don't think so mate.
Sid: Why not?
Vince: Because you don't have a sence of direction, you got us lost on the way to the Supermarket remember Eddy had to stop and ask for directions, that was so embarrassing for all of us.

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Next is the Ford Focus WRC, this is sightly dissapointing.
It has it's good points don't get me wrong, but there are some that are just wrong.
The steering wheel is way to small and to close to the driver seat, the paint has Orange peel all over in the black area's, the bonnet doesn't sit flush with the front wings (Fenders) on the car, the rear lights look un-realistic and the grill is just textured plastic.
and on mine anyway these model has the Kyosho BMW M3 CSL problem with the front wheels there just to far inward for my liking.

I may get one othese from Sunstar or Hotwheels im not sure yet.

Anyway, enjoy.

Sid: Whats the matter with this then?
Eddy: Oh its ever so hard to tell really, could be anything.
Sid: We know it could be anything thats why your here to tell us exactly what it is.
Eddy: well you'll have to wait in afraid.
Sid: Goodness knows why Mr.V hired you.....

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Last for here is a Skoda Fabia WRC, now Solido is th only maker who does this car and i thought it was doing to be a let down, but apart from the small steering wheel, it wasn't, it certainly looks the part and has great paint.

Here, see for yourself

Eddy: What are you doing?
Vince: Tying to open the boot.
Eddy: Its sealed you idiot!
Vince: Oh, i see

Eddy: What are you doing now?
Vince: Errr......trying to open the rear door's.
Eddy: (Sigh) There sealed as well!
Vince: I hate it when model makers do that.

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I hate the fact that These models(the Citoren & Skoda) wont be around NA anytime soon!!! :pullhair Awesome mods the MrV
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