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30% of my collection

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Got bored over the weekend so took some pic of some of my collection...enjoy!





Sorry I edited your post. Please keep the image file sizes under 60KB.

Thanks! :cheers
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That's a lot of nice models you've got there
Good Grief! Where do you keep all of them?
I counted 41 models there. Its amazing how much room 1:18s take up. I've never had all of mine out of their boxes at the same time so i've no idea.

What's for breakfast mum, a 1:18 GT3R :giggle

Great collection BluePrelude84 :nicejob :nicejob
You ve awesome models, I especially like the earlier Evos and Scobies. :cheers

Where do you normally keep them, in cabinets? If not that d be very hard to take them all out every time u get bored.
E-GAD, BP84! You have a MASSIVE collection. I'd feel lost looking for a certain model. :shipwrecked
Very beautiful collection :coolpics

Is the Silver benz in the first raw between the Lambo GTR & the Red M3 is from Minichamps :confused
The silver SL is by Maisto..got it when they had it at Costco Whole sale for 9.99...lol can't complain the price and I am in the process of looking to buy one made by Minichamps.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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