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'34 Ford "Rockster" hot rod (WIP)

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'34 Ford "Rockster" hot rod

Hi folks!

I love hot rods, especially low as possible ones. Since variety of proper quality and detail hot rods in 1/18 is i'd say poor and are being made only only GMP/ACME. But even theese guys dont make one's i like, so i decided to create one myself. This is my first project of any diecast customisation this level, before i only replaced wheels on couple models.


So i purchased a pretty simple model by ERTL to try myself in building a hot rod the way i want.
It is 1934 Ford Coupe of series "nostalgia".

Here is its factory look:

Actually i had no certain reference of a hot rod i want i want to build. So i have started with a "photo editor" called Windows Paint wich i have mastered so far
So i have lowered the model in paint here is what i got: Gimme award for my photo editing skills

Now i can see things to be done:

- customise or build up a new frame to lower the car.
- lift the engine and the driveshaft higher which means new interior floor and need to make a driveshaft tunnel.
- repaint body, frame, suspension and engine parts.
- make new fuel tank, sun visor and some interior parts

Part 1

I thought rebuilding factory frame would be pretty tricky, so i decided to build a new one of PVC plastic

Frame is not ready but i can already fit some parts on to see overall look

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This is going to be interesting
And that plastic fram you've made looks like factory fresh
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This is going to be interesting
And that plastic fram you've made looks like factory fresh
Yeah, I saw that first photo and thought it was pictures of two parts from the original model! That's an excellent piece of work, even more so for a first major custom model.

I love to see this kind of skill and creativity, looking forward to how it turns out.
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Really nice work especially on that scratch-built chassis. The '34 has a really interesting stance and I will certainly be following this build along.
Keep up the good work!!
Cheers Paul.
Thank you guys, i am glad you appreciate my little work. Hope this week i will update on recent stuff that's been made:)
Hi Any further updates with this build??
Cheers Paul
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