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Some of them aren't all that new, but they've been packad away i heeps of boxes. Forgot i even had some of them until i decided to do a little digging :giggle

AutoArt 1973 BMW 2002 Turbo (in white)

The BMW 2002 is such a awesome-looking car! Most people i've talked to do not share my sediment, and that just goes to show that it is a design you either hate, or fall in love with at first sight. The latter goes for me all the way, and AutoArt did a awesome job re-creating it in 1:18.

AutoArt 2005 Mustang GT ('04 autoshow version in Legend Lime)

Much the same goes for the new mustangs. Some love them, some don't. At first, i didn't. But they grew on me, and now i really think Ford couldn't have done a better job considering the task at hand. The classic 'stangs will always be lightyears more beautiful i my eyes though. AutoArt did a outstanding job as usual, and this thing really captures the stance of the 1:1 in my humble opinion.

Ertl P100 1964 Ford Thunderbolt (in white)

Now this is 'ol school dragstrip muscle! I understand only 100 of these beasts were ever made, and looking at the spec-sheet - i can see why. The broad public probably wouldn't go all crazy driving a car totally stripped from all unnecessary "weight contributors" and more power then they could ever handle at a red light frenzy :giggle Ertl/P100 did a outstanding job with their 1:18 replica of this dragstrip legend, and it's a pure joy to look at.

Exoto 1963 Corvette Grand Sport Coupè (in Monte Carlo magic)

For the above, all i can muster is - :hot :hot :hot

Enjoying the new year? I know i am,

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Now thats a diverse group of models you have gained :nicejob

I understand the GS does that to people :giggle

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Very nice indeed, the thunderbolt is stunning and do I even see a set of keys in there..
Beautiful cars congrats... :coolpics :cheers ..

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Great models, great pics!
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