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Ronan will be loading up some pictures soon.

I've got the dealer edition which appears to be a replica of the car used in the launch photos which were shown in Autocar and Total BMW (to name but a few). It's a silvery, bluey gray type of colour with 18 inch alloys and a sand coloured interior.

Exterior - as you can see from the photos, Kyosho really have excelled themselves this time, the proportions are near perfect and the shutlines are tight and straight. The paint is flawless and the details have been picked out carefully and clearly, the wheels and tyres look superb and fill the arches just as they do on the real thing. There are no sidewall markings but I bet they must be a total arse to replicate clearly, so I won't hold it against them. ( Incidentally the tread pattern looks like a good copy of a Contisport contact ). The lights, the badges ( although there is no model inscription ) and the grille openings are all well detailed and add to the very realistic look of the model.

Chassis - The solid discs rotate with the wheel and there are fixed position calipers ( although this is not as "wow" as it once was, I expect all models of this cost to have this feature ). The rear suspension links and propshaft are nicely picked out and detailed as is the exhaust system. I haven't seen the underside or underbonnet view of the real car yet to compare properly, but all seems present and correct.

Underbonnet - Lots of black plastic, not much detail, probably very much like the real thing. What more can I say ?

Interior and boot - Superb, more detailed than the 7 series and the detail that is there is highlighted better. The inside of my Kyosho 7 series looks like Stevie Wonder has gone apeSh*t with the silver stick, but in this 5 series the switchgear looks much nicer. I think the lighter colour helps as well and the details don't jar as much as they do in the all black 7 series.
The boot is carpeted and holds things - whoopee doo !

Overall - Brilliant model, every Bmw fan should get one, especially if you have the 7 series as they look great together. This model bodes well for the forthcoming new shape 6 series which is supposed to be even better, but I have a few words of wisdom for Kyosho.

Big wheels
Big wheels
Big wheels
Big wheels

Got that ?, I think the 7 series model was slighty spoiled by not coming with the 19 inch dished ten spokes that the launch cars had, and by being made in such a dull colour combo. The reason why the model of the 5 looks so good is because it is in a light metallic, with a light interior and because it has decent, arch filling rims. A dark blue, black interior version with 16's would look terrible in comparison.

Fingers crossed for the M5 !
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