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69 Corvette Road Racer

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This is 1:18 and started life as a Hot Wheels.

Total engine rework, detail and repaint, total interior rework and repaint; wheel and tire swap; decals, etc....

As always, I hope you all like it:
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Man, you do some great work! :cheers I really dig these racers! :danbana
That is friggin' SWEET! :tongue GREAT job! :nicejob
You really nailed that one, nice work :nicejob

Really like what you have done with the engine :cheers
Great work guy! Where did those wheels come from?
Excellent work as always, Drums!
:tongue :tongue mmmmmmmmmm that looks good enough to eat. nice job you diecast moding chef you. :tongue :tongue
Just simply amazing! :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob

It looks perfect! :cheers
They look like GMP Lola wheels

Great Job!

Is that from your imagination, or is a replica of one you saw/found a picture of/etc.?
Outstanding work! :tongue
Yes, they are the GMP Lola wheels bought in a set which included the McLaren wheels as well.... They just fit real well onthis car.

No.... it is a fantasy racer, though it has some similarities with one that was red with blue stripes and white stars.... This one is not of a real car.....
Thats sweet :happy A very nice one of a kind :nicejob
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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