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'70 Buick GSX Stage1 455

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Got this Street Bully this morning,I love theses BAD BOIZ :giggle
Took a few pics


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More Pics :giggle

Love American BAD @$$ Mucsles Cars

:woohoo :tongue
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very nice model and great pics :coolpics
Thanks nadav_86 :cheers
Gotta tell you, Johnny... this one is really sharp!! While I get a kick out of seeing all the great pictures of the high-end models (like your other recent addition), I really love seeing these models that are something I can still hope to add to my collection.

This is the first time I have seen this Buick! And now that I have, it is one that I would just love to get! So, drop me a PM and I will send you my shipping address, and...

OOPS! Was that my "outside voice" again?? (Typing voice, anyway! :giggle)

Seriously, very cool addition there!! :cheers
Somebody had a 1:1 in town when I was growing up and it was love at first sight with me. Unfortunately, the last time I saw it was about 20 years ago, and it was rotting away in someone's back yard. Hopefully it's since been restored. Anyway, another great model.
Good score RG! I like this Evergreen release. I have the 1994 release and I can tell that they upgraded a few thing. I also have the BodyShop kit that I still need to finish. I have been thinking of making a convertible out of it.
Thanks Ric :cheers :lol check your PM :giggle
Its sad to see these beast rot in someone's back yard :nutkick
Thanks mox :cheers
Thanks Al :cheers
Hope you do a good job on it :cheers
I dont need to make this into a convertible, got a topless chevelle :tongue

Now thats a really sweet color combo. I have seen a few of these on eBay but none of them really jumped out at me like this one.

I am seriously starting think your collection of muscle is a bad influence. :giggle
Thanks Darrick :cheers
Yes they're a few of these on eBay including the CHROME version, which i dont like. I loved this color combo alot, thats why i got it :wink
Ahh poor Darrick is gettin :tempted
Your lucky i don't have any mopar street bullies in my stable. :giggle
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