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9 Photoshops of my models

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First of all, I guess you couldn't call these photoshops cause they were done with paint. Some turned out well, some look terrible, and on some I got carried away with enlarging the rims that it looks like there are no tires (mainly on the Impala SS shot). Hope you guys enjoy!

Skyline with Impala SS rims. Also has some Impala badging and Impala exhaust.

Impala with Skyline rims, looks pretty badass.

350Z with Vanquish rims. The rear wheel looks really bad, I guess I got carried away :scared I also put on that signature Aston Martin side vent which doesn't look too bad.

360 on Murcielago rims. I tried a lot of different rims on it and the murc ones looked best, even though it still is kinda boring.

Murcielago on Cien rims. This one came out quite nice in my opinion.

Cuda 440+6 pack on TVR Speed 12 rims. Also looks pretty good.

Mac F1 on 350Z rims. For some reason I don't really like this. Maybe the 350Z is cursed.

My two personal favorites

Vanquish with Cobra R rims and Cobra R side exhaust. :drool

TVR Speed 12 with Ferrari 360 rims. That looks pretty good, but at the last second I threw in two sets of the Cobra R side exhaust. This thing is wicked :tongue :drool

So what do you guys think? I wish I had photoshop over here so I could have done a lot more and done it better. Oh well, I think some of them turned out pretty :cool1

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They look awesome McLaren F1 Guy
Great job on them :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers
The Murcie with the Cien rims looks awesome!! :cool1 :cool1
A couple of 'em came out really nice! :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob

The Murcielago looks great! :phaty

Although I'm more of an exotic car guy, I find myself going back and stare at the Cuda. I bet it would killer if those five spokes are jet black. :happy
My favorites are the Murcielago and the Vanquish! Well done McLaren F1 Guy! :nicejob :nicejob :cheers :cheers
Thats very cool!!! :danbanna :danbanna :danbanna

Good job!! :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob
Nice work :cheers

I really like the Murcie :drool :drool :drool
They look great I really like the Murc!! :nicejob :cheers
All looks :cool1 I like the Vanquish with Cobra R rims :danbanna
Nice job(s) MacF1Guy! :cheers :cheers :cheers
Maybe some of them would look even better if you'd make the rims smaller :confused
The 360 with Murc rims looks good! My personal fave though is the Vanquish with the Cobra R rims! :drool Good work! :nicejob
:cool1 pics. I really liked the Impala, the Murc and the Cuda. :cheers
Thanks everyone! :cheers
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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