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hello everyone, this is my first post here at this site. i have been into modelling diecast for a while. i have many projects, most of them are not completed because i have the dredded destraction disease. for those who dont know what that is, its when you start one project, get side tracked and side tracked and more side tracking, forgetting about the first project, then the next, then the next. anyways i have completed on model. its my Dub City Mustang. let me know what you think (good or bad), or how i could improve. sorry about the picture quality, its only a camera phone for now.

offset front shot showing the painted aluminum vents, and showing the lowerage (if that is a word)

2 tone spinners- blue and chrome need i say more

door panels

top view of interior

side view of interior

side shot of open interior

let me know what you think, and how i can improve

thanks for looking

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Welcome aboard and glad to have you

Hope you enjoy the forums :cheers

I know what it means to have that dreaded disease as I have some projects I need to wrap up as well. :lol

Thanks for sharing the custom with us, be sure to post more of your customs :cheers

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ok i lied, i have some more

rear shot showing the taillights

dashboard- drivers side

engine with a little blue color
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