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A few little jgtc models.

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Okay thought I would post a photo of my 1:64 Kyosho "Beads Collection" 2002 JGTC skyline's.
There great little cars for a great little price.

This is another Ebbro car I won off ebay, 1:43 2003 ZENT supra.
I like the colour combo of this one.

I would love a 1:18 JGTC Supra :happy
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Great cars! Those 1:64s look superb. :cheers
Great-looking pieces, Mike! :cheers
I'm not looking :wink
Very nice Supra Mike

you are right, very nice colour combo
These are some nice shots, Mike. :cool

So would I. :cheers
Mike, you are such a bad person.
I was going to leave the Beads Collection cars alone, but now you have got me thinking that would be a foolish thing to do.
I need to SAVE money, not SPEND it!!!! :lol
quick go get em before there all gone...............well I am no help at saving you money, but hey there so nice Anders :happy
The Bead collection cars are really neat, even easier to hide them away... :tempted
Congrats on your new cars! :cheers
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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