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A few new ones in my pile

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Minichamps BMW M3 GTR with carbon roof.

Minichamps Porsche 917/10 Brumos.

This one you've seen plenty of.
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Those are some really stunning pics Tom.

Can you please post some pics of the interior of the BMW :cheers
Congrats on the new additions :cheers

the m3 gtr looks amazing :tongue
Congrats, the gtr looks great !! :tongue :tongue

I love the third picture of the GTR :nicejob :nicejob :coolpics
Awesome models Tom. I'm planning to get that M3, to replace my battle worn silver GTR with the regular roof. And I might also consider getting that Brumos Porsche, mostly because those pics look so good.
Those are some wonderful pieces you have there, Tom. Very nice indeed! :cheers
The M3 looks great Tom! I ordered mine from e-bay (China) and should hopefully get it soon. Your pictures are going to make it difficult to wait! :coolpics

Those Can Am cars sure are purdy :cheers

Some very nice additions Tom, congrats :cheers
Thanks guys. Glad you like it. I'll try to get some interior pictures of the M3 for you soon. :cheers
Hey Tom, I see that you bought the silver M3 GTR. How do you like it? Do you think it's better or about the same as the one in Estoril Blue?

I'm tempted to pick one up too since the Estoril Blue and the Carbon black are so expensive. I just wish the wheels weren't chrome and had some markings on the silver one.
Integra76 said:
How do you like it? Do you think it's better or about the same as the one in Estoril Blue?
Hi. I like this one alot. I've always liked this model in silver but didn't get one when I had the chance. I never saw any of the other colors in person. I guess they're were so popular that they didn't last long on the store shelves. The only differences between this one and the blue is the textured plastic roof to simulate carbon, crome wheels vs. silver, and no Michelin brand marking on the tires. I'm not a big fan of chrome wheels myself but this one really doesn't look too bad on a bright silver car. I just noticed that grills on the side of the model where the M3 badges are located is painted black here but it's crome on the blue. :cheers
Congrats Tom :cheers :coolpics
GTR :tongue :tongue :tongue :tongue
Carbon looks great but how many more are they gonna release?
Congrats on the new additions, Tom! :cheers Some good picks there. :tongue
Congrats on your new models Tom! :cheers :cheers
I have the M3 GTR without the carbon roof. Are the models the same except the roof? :confused
Thanks guys. I don't know how many colors they plan to make but I think one is enough for me. Unless they make more of the black... :giggle

Rico - In comparing my model with pictures of the first silver release, the black carbon roof looks to be the only difference. :cheers
To, you got some AWESOME recent additions!!! :tongue

Which is your favorite of the bunch? :happy
Fantastic Tom!!! The 917/10s look especially good together!!! :cheers
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