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A Ford!

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I got this from Kurt Busch's souvenir trailer at the 2005 Las Vegas race. It's a 2004 First Choice model of Kurt Busch's Irwin Tools car. The First Choice series included a pit lane display board and various accessories. It has been discontinued and has become the Owners series and doesn't include the pit stuff. I got it for $59 so it was a pretty good deal! View attachment 19497
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Here's a view with the hood up.
The First Choice cars are sweet cars. I haven't gotten one yet but I'm aiming to change that real soon.
I really like that paint scheme!
Never saw that before :nicejob
I am new to the forums and wanted to comment...that's why it's so much later than the previous reply...sorry.

The Team Caliber 1st choice series run in 2003 and 2004 are the most detailed 1:24 Nascar diecast models I have ever seen...in my humble opinion. After 2004, the first choice series, as you stated, became the owners series with removeable bodies. I have one of them and don't think they are nearly on-par with the 2003-2004 First Choice. I went on a spree when I found out about these little gems and purchased one of each car manufacture offered by the series for each year (I think it's 3 each, so 6 total...they are boxed up in storage). I got them all on ebay for an average of 30.00 usd each, which is a steal for the level of detail offered. The engines (including miniature rubber belts) and interiors are phenomonal. I have yet to see a 1:24 Nascar with the same level of detail (that includes the ones offered by FM and the Action Elites...though the Elites are getting close). I don't know how accurate the overall bodies are, but I really didn't care. They were so detailed had to have them. I wasn't even particular on the liveries/driver...just the paint schemes (though I did get Mark Martin's Viagra car...which has an awesome blue and black scheme).

Just wanted to put an opinion. I think these are getting harder and harder to obtain, but there are a couple on ebay now. Not overly expensive for the quality. If you aren't particulr on a specific car/driver...I suggest picking one up just for the awesome detail.

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I just wish Action (or someone!) would have continued supporting the 1/18 scale Nascar collector. There have been no new releases, that I am aware of, of a 2007 car, very few in 2006. Makes my collection look like the series ended, or I died.

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