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the rims are from Left to right...Mini Cooper, DUBCity, Audi TT and Porsche C4S

The good news is that the HPI Rims are the exact same size as the Porsche Rims. The only differences are the lip sizes so just a little trimming of the wheels and presto they look great.

The other good news is that the front (smaller) rims are also the same size as the Audi TT rims (same size front and back)

Here is a look at the back of the HPI rim with the Porsche rear tire.

Here are all the tire and rims that I have to play with.

Here are the HPI rims on the Porsche for reference points...RUF style

These are going on the Mini for sure because I'm hacking them apart to fit the mini right now

Here is the last set

if you have any ? or need some different images ask and I'll see what I can do.

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The rims are not on the axles as of yet. I have the model sitting on another tire and just have the rims postioned really well inside there.

I'm working on a way to get the rims attached to the axle and as soon as I'm done with getting that working right I'll post pics.

Everything else is from the Porsche kit.

I'm buying them from the hobby store down the road they deal in a lot of RC stuff and have them on Clearence (only black though) for $6.25

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Wow. great info to me.
Could you let me know where I can get this HPI wheels?
I don't know anything about HPI...

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512, HPI is a company that produces remote controlled cars. They are well known for their 1/10 (RS4's) RC cars and now they are making them in 1/18 (Micro RS4's). They have a lot of part available for these cars, including many varities of plastic and aluminum wheels and tires.

The HPI Micro RS4 rims are the same size as our 1/18 diecast but they need some modifications to attach them to our diecast.

You should be able to find these wheels at any hobby store that sells RC cars and they are very inexpensive also.

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512, HPI is a company that produces remote controlled cars. They are ....... .......... .........
Thank you so much Eric. :sm:
whoa....nice world we live...
I believe there's always a gate for deaperate searcher ;-)
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