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Way back in Feburary of this year i took a Hot Wheels Mitsubishi Lancer WRC out in a sort of small rally to and from work, it was snowy so it made for some rather brilliant picture opportunities.

Now the British summer has ended (All 4 days of it) before the dull and glummy weather comes around i thought it would be a great time to take some pics of a 2nd diecast adventure in the rare occasio that the sun is with us.

In the Merc G500 Topic there was mention that there was going to be a special test for it, and thats exactly what was going to happen, and here is what did happen.

Sid: Is this where you mentioned Vince.
Vince: Sure was!
Eddy: This place is 15 Square miles big, what if we get lost.
Vince: Don't worry, we got Sat-Nav.

Eddy: Certainly a nice view.
Vince & Sid: Certaily is.
Vince: Jump in and well get started then.

The bottom of what was nicknamed BIG HILL for one reason, you can guess.

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At the top of BIG HILL, it is almost 60Ft high and has a 60Degree angle.

Next to the stairs that are next to BIG HILL and lead from top tom bottom, and incase your wondering...

That slope there is near vertical.

At the bottom and the first signs of water that starts as a tricle...

...and gets bigger, and its going to get even bigger stil.

A small water cross-over, nothing the G500's locking diff's and 4X4 traction can't beat....

Just don't look down.

Because its down here you'll end up.

But it doesn't actually and is safely acorss, and is heading to a picturesque place...

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Just park up next to the bank and look out.

And this is what you see, still, no rest for the wicked.

Over the other side.

On the way past to the next stop point, we also see a putting green.

Eddy: What a Nice view we have hear.

Sid: Err...im not one for hights.
Eddy: what do you mean?
Vince: Look down mate.

Eddy: Oh....i forgot you suffer from Vertigo Sid, i didn't see that drop i was concerntraiting on the view around us.
Vince: How could you not notice that drop.
Eddy: I Just didn't see it
SID: ill sit in the car and wait for us to go.

Back on the move.


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Sid: Times like this i wish we brought our Fishing rods.

Eddy: I know what you mean.
Vince: Look at the carp and samon in there.

Pass a stately home.

Another rest hault to admire the lovely british country side views

And as you can see, not a scratch or dent to be seen.

Driving passed the old railway tracks.


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This picture is my favorite

And these 2 waterfall pics i thought were rather great to look at.

Now were getting into some serious rough off-road


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Wonder whats down in there?

Going back up part of BIG HILL

Stuck for just a second

As they are about to leave the forest they look back on a amazing journey

And that (As the Bunny rabbit used to say) is all fokes.

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Great pics!!!Some of them look so real. I think the real question is did YOU get lost when you took those photos in the forest or did you just use the NAV system? :giggle The pics look great though. I don't think you would see many if any people taking one of those in 1:1 scale off road. If you do there is probably another one parked in their garage at home.

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Thanks everyone, enjoyed taking those pics just a much as you enjoyed viewing them.

They were taken around LEASOWES Park, about a 5 minute walk from my place.
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