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A Porsche Question. 996 Turbo S

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I recently bought a few AUTOart Porsches including the Turbo. I now have the two different GT3´s, the white/red and white/blue GT3rs, the GT2, the GT3R and the Turbo but I still need the Turbo S

Now my question, i´ve seen a few pictures of the TUrbo S, but I don´t see a difference between the Turbo S and the Turbo. I know the real car has performance and settings differences, but whats the real difference on the outside?

I don´t think the Turbo S is worth the money if the only difference is the licence plate.

I hope someone can help me.

here are two pictures of the Turbo S (black) and Turbo (red). I lent the pictures from the Modellissimo site

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Is this one also all wheel drive like the 993 Turbo S?
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