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A warning on this guy

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I just thought I would post this as a warning to people who may be thinking of dealing with this guy from Brazil by the name of Luccamodels .

I have previously bid on his auctions but not won . Just as well as it turns out .
He`s a Brazilian seller who tends to sell a lot of UT Models for very high prices.
He`s also the vendor who has the Marlboro GT1 im after , advertised for a ridiculous price of 149 Euros.

3 or 4 weeks ago , I was bidding on a GT2 Superflow car he had listed , when I got an email from a guy in Germany called Saotome0 . He told me to be aware of this guy as he sells fake models. He had bought a very rare UT GT2 in red for $350(hes a Porsche nut like me) only to discover when it arrived it was a repainted silver car. A badly repainted one at that. He never got anything back from Luccamodels either as he never replied to any of his emails.
Now I was looking at some classifieds over at scale 18 tonight and I came across this for sale ad.

#6046 UT Porsche 993 GT2 Red.
Posted by anthony on Sunday Apr 10, 2005 at 04:43PM

This car I purchased from lucca models on ebay for $305 as a red one but when it showed up here in the US 2 months later it turns out to be a badly repainted silver version and I never got a penny back. The car is in great shape could be repainted or used for parts. Make an offer, I know silver goes for $50 which I can't ask for it here but something resonable and I can provide pics to serious buyers. email me.
Seems like he does this on a regular basis , so be warned .If I were you , I would avoid him like the plague. I certainly wont be bidding for any of his Porsche models , no matter how rare they are.

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thanks for the heads up, Gary!

That line above sounded wrong, as my name is Gary too! :giggle
Thanks for the warning Gary.

I responded to your "911 GT1 wanted" post with an eBay auction by this seller; if I had known his rep I wouldn't have "advertised" the auction. I'll go remove the link now.

I have seen a couple of models from this seller that I wanted but thankfully I couldn't afford them at the time.
WHEW! Thanks for the tip, Gary. :eek:k
I've had one bad dealing with this guy. Definitely not recommended based on his poor diecast packing techniques. Your story Gary further confirms this is NOT a fellow to be dealt with. Thanks for the warning.
i almost bid on some of his stuff. glad i read this post before it was too late. :goodpost :goodpost :goodpost so many people on ebay to watch out for, beware of ebustore2002 as well as he sold me 2 fake mika hakanenn west maclaren f1 cars and i am disputing it with paypal a we speak.
Think I'll send him the link to this thread and see what he says. :giggle
Thanks for the warning, Gary. :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob

It's a crying shame what happened to Saotome0.

Looking at the current auctions, the seller doesn't put down much of a description. I believe this is done on purpose so that if someone should complain, the seller's excuse would be that the model in question is a UT, but not a UT original (as in original livery). Sort of like selling a "custom", therefore not liable for any misunderstandings.

It's a good thing you didn't get rip-off by this person. :cheers

Thanks for the warning! I hope you filed a negative response to ebay. They make you do some work to file a negative (which perhaps is good) but probably too many people give the standard positive response. This kind of deception is one reason (along with the shipping charges and time delay ) that I am very relunctant to deal with over-seas sellers.
thanks for the heads up. I've been tempted to bid on his stuff, but his shipping prices were enough to scare me off.

the guy sounds like a wee-bit-of-a-d*ck. :ranting
Thanks for the heads-up Gary, I too was tempted a few times to bid on some of the items he put up for auction....thankfully I too thought some of his prices were too high.

Hope Saotome0 can find a buyer for the GT2....poor guy! :ranting
Sorry to hear what is happaned with Saotome0!!

As for me I delt with Lucca one time and frankly speacking I received model as described. I bought from him racing Porsche for a good price and it came in great condition!! There were some problems with payment to him - but generally I was pleased to deal with him.
Thanks for the warning, i'm adding him into my blacklist :ranting
I often see the name Saotome0 on auctions i bid on, no wonder i never won against him :giggle
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