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Aa 2003 Lemans GT3 foglights...

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I really like that one but...

Whats the story about the foglights?
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fog lights are decals.
How could AUTOart do a lame stunt like that? Those decals are hideous! :ranting

Gary, is the engine and interior detail as good as the GT3-R?
haha, maybe Porsche figured out a way to make lightbulbs and the housing as thin as paper, and attached to the front bumpers :giggle

Just joking. It's seriously disappointing to me too, so no Le Mans GT3R racer for me...
I most certainly do not think you were lying about the price . Why would you ?

I think there could be the possibility that your source was incorrect , as the prices I mentioned in my post are from very cheap online Ebay vendors . I just find it hard to accept that it will come in at $14 or so under the Ebay selling price , even more so as AUTOart quote $85 for the car .

I hope Im wrong , as $55 would mean the following GT3R`s would also be at that price , which would be great news for everyone . I guess time will tell :cheers
I totally agree with you Luciano . The decals are a big let down from a company such as AUTOart .
I dont think it would have been too difficult for them to produce a new front bumper with the correct fittings , but they obviously took the cheap way out and put a decal kit (tampo`s most probably )on their standard GT3 R.

I would imagine the detail to be the same as on the undecorated GT3R
on the subject of GT3R's, I found that the steering on my Gt3R is kinda wacko. The steering wheel doesn't seem to turn much to the left, even when the tires are fully turned to the left... :confused

Please take a bunch of pics when it arrives, Sir Gary!!! I demand it! :giggle
Decals??? :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

Why AUTOart, Why?

I just hope that's not the case for the upcoming Racer's Group and Alex Job racing GT3Rs; a.k.a. my 2 holy grails for this year! :scared
isn't the Le Mans one the only car to have the fog lights? So the others shouldn't ahve this problem?
Being honest, I rather have the car with the fender plain. In fact, if it's really as ugly in person as Gary's pics seems to be, I might even rip them out.
:ranting :ranting :ranting
Do you really want this one, though? I think I'll wait a lil longer to see any improvements on the more historically succesful Racer's Group and Alex Job Racing race cars. Are you getting them?
Gian, I would only go for it because it's from Le Mans. If not for that, I wouldn't be after it. At least not with that ridiculous decal up front.
I hear ya. Did you know that AUTOart will be releasin the LM-GT winning White Lightning Racing Porsche in the 'near' future? Looks like I'll be getting 3 racing Porkers after all. :giggle

And yes, the decals used as fog lights are hideous. :scared
Maybe (we can always hope) the y do what they did with the GT3-R: first release a hurried and "kind of deffective" version and afterwards do it right? That decal really got to me, so I will wait a bit on this.
That is what I am relying on.... I would really like to have a Lemans one, but those decals.... they just kill it for me.

The rest of the car sure looks great though
Congrats :cheers
This is very cool :nicejob
That is incredible! Why in the world would AUTOart diminish themselves like that? :confused
ah..now i see those foglights...geeez......
that's total CRAP!

unless the real car had fake foglights too :\
The real car does NOT have fog lights on the bumper. It has a website (www.acropolis.fr) decal where the foglights on the model are. Link to a pic (56k beware):

Here are a couple photos of the car during the race itself with the lights. I wonder if in Aipex's photo the light were covered up. Or maybe the car was in "presentation mode"?

(Photo courtesy of motorsport.com)
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