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Aa '78 Vette 25AE

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Got this just before leavin for work this afternoon. Took 3 pics right now, more this weekend :happy :woohoo

:woohoo :tongue
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Thanks VR :cheers I blame RM for these vettes, he :tempted me wit his picz :nutkick :lol ..... more pics are coming for sure :giggle
This is a great piece. One of the best Vettes you can get today. AUTOart did an awesome job on this one.
Thanks Denali :cheers
Thank you. Thank you very much. Do unto others... :lol

Nice addition - building a nice Vette collection there RG.
:lol :lol
Thanks RM .... Yes i am, not a big collection tho . Just need the Mako Shark Corvette and the 2003 Lemans Compuware #53.
:cheers :cheers :cheers CONGRATS-LOOKS GREAT :cheers
Congrats on a sweet car
I'm still looking to add this one to my collection :cheers :cheers :cheers
Thanks Jonson :cheers
Thanks Dennis :cheers You should add it :wink
i´m thinking the same, but what Vette do you like more??, the ´78 or the ´82???????????

cooooooooool addition
I like them both :tongue

Thanks Alvaro :cheers
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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