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I had never really wanted this car before, but that all changed a few months ago. I kept looking and looking at it on eBay and then one night, CollectorX just kept it real and said, "Dude, you know you're gonna get it." Boy, was he right. :giggle I had seen them going for ~$29 on eBay, but since I knew it had been out for a while, I only wanted to pay about $24. In the end, I only shelled out $17.95 (before shipping) for it! :lol Isn't it great how somethings just work out PERFECTLY?! :happy

Thank you once more, CollectorX! :cheers :cheers :cheers

Black with red interior was the only way to go with this puppy. :mine It looks so cool! :danbana

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SF, you have been getting some cool cars lately. :cool
Thank you, LUW! :happy I'm just playin' some catch-up to all you Titans of this board. :giggle
$17.95???? Do you feel guilty?
Not a BIT, RichardM! :lol It's me against the whole diecast retail industry. I take no prisoners. :lol
Titans? You mean Ronan et caterva, right? I'm trying to get water out of stones and reach my 100th model. :giggle

Oh yeah, and about that price. Did you use a gun or a knife?
True, Ronan is a Titan, but compared to me, you guys are too. :giggle

As for getting this Z8, I just used a keyboard...and many death threats. :wink :lol
GREAT MODEL FROM AUTOart :cheers :cheers :cheers
congrats& :coolpics :happy :happy
my AUTOart BMW Z8-
------------------------- :danbana

----------- :nicejob :happy
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Thanks, Jonson. :happy

Yours looks good in red. :cheers
Congrats :cheers

very nice model :coolpics
:cheers , Nadav.
The Z8 definitely looks the part in black. It's probably my favorite color for this model. Great model at a greater price. WTG Speedfiend. Sometime it pays to wait.
Nice one, the red interior looks awesome :cheers
nice Pics and Z8 Sf :cheers
Thank you, guys! :happy I must admit, I don't really care for the car in real life, but some part of me REALLY wanted a model of it. :giggle
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