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Aa C5R '03 #53

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Went to my local shop this afternoon, and picked up this sweet vette :yahoo
AUTOart did an amazing job on this C5R, way better than Action :horse
Took a few pics with my garage dio :wink

:yahoo :woohoo :tease
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I don't like it as much as the Daytona, but it's still a nice looking model. . .
Thanks Cobalt :cheers
Nice model Johnny.

I hope I can resist getting the #53 to pair up with my #50.
Thanks Jorge :cheers
Good luck :giggle
sweet. i don't have the autoarts yet but the actions. i bought the actions because they were so rare. which do you think will go up in value more. the auto arts are definitely nicer. :feedback :feedback :feedback :feedback :feedback :feedback :goodpost :goodpost :goodpost :goodpost :goodpost :goodpost :goodpost :goodpost
Albeit the Action C5R's lack details and quality of the AUTOart, they do maintain their value based on some auctions I have seen on eBay.

The chrome Earnhardt #3 still fetches $300+, which happens to be one of the least expensive auctions I have seen one end at.

I think the market is fickle when comparing these two brands of the same model. personally, I prefer the AUTOart versions over the Action version by a long shot, however, I do not see the price crashing on the Actions.

I do believe that the 2003 #50 & #53 cars by AUTOart will be the preference of collectors if given the choice over Action's Minichamps versions. Atleast that is what I chose :lol
Very nice, Johnny!
Thanks corvettekingofcanada :cheers
Thanks John :cheers
looks great model :coolpics
It is simple : I just LOVE this car !!! :tongue
It seems all perfect for me :
-It is a Le Mans racer
-It is a Vette
-Color is fantastic
-Paint scheme is awesome
-It has been driven by a French pilot...

You did a great job in getting this one !!!
Congrats Johnny ! :cheers
Thanks Nadav :cheers
Thanks Thomas :cheers
Beautiful model/photos Johnny. I've always wanted a C5R but never got around to getting one since many other models were higher up on the list for me. I love the color on this one so this might be it for me. Your photos are making a strong case for it. Thanks. :cheers
Thanks Tom :cheers Another one gets :tempted :giggle
You would drool at my 1280x960 pics :lol
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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